DigIntu Tech’s low code platform and solutions convey on the promise of computerized innovations boosting the prosperity of everyone, everywhere. Our vision is a world where access to the latest breakthrough digital technology is non-disruptive, non-intrusive, non-exclusive, at lower costs, and for the ultimate wellbeing of humankind. Founded in 2016, DigIntu Tech empowers businesses and end-users with powerful software instruments.

What we do


Software Development Without Coding

We aspired to solve the challenges of bringing software development to non-technical business users. Not upscaling the non-technical workforce for future growth causes $900 billion lost to the economy every year. Today we witness a surge of digital transformation caused by the pandemic and financial/war crisis. Our team believes that software development with low/no code paradigm will help coping with this trend. Our vision is to help include non-technical business people, elderly, and baby boomers with zero coding experience into the software creation process.


Rapid Prototyping and Research

We bring any entrepreneur’s software ideas to life. Our team is attuned to create minimum viable products following industry best practices. It doesn’t matter what is your geography, audience, or industry, you can tell us about your amazing meaningfull idea, sit back, and relax. We work close to you to deliver agile, scalable, and straight-to-the-point software prototypes.

Our Core Team

Lucie Kana Founder & CEO/CFO

Guides the team in fulfilling DigIntu Tech’s vision and leads financial areas. Dual Master's in social geography and political sciences, Ostrava University. A team lead of customer support specialists at ExxonMobil. 10 years of experience in leadership, logistics management, inventory management, customer success, and fashion design.

Michel Kana CTO

Leads development teams. Manages stakeholders. Master’s in computer science, Technical University of Munich. Ph.D. in computational neuroscience. A former head of data science at Emplifii, and software engineer at United Parcel Services of America, BMW, P3 Group. 20 years of experience in developing innovative digital solutions.

Descartes Fowo Full Stack Developer

Agile product owner for MVPs in eCommerce, Fintech, and mental health. Master's in computer science. 3 years of working experience for clients in Russia, Canada, France. Speaks Java Spring Boot, Kafka, REST, XML, React JS, Redux, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hibernate, Jenkins.

Bleriot Noguia Full Stack Developer

Agile product owner for Sofii low code platform. Bachelor's in computer science. Various certifications. 3 years of working experience. Speaks Laravel, GraphQL, REST, XML, React JS, Redux, Bootstrap, Figma, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Git.

Adamu Aliyu Junior Full Stack Developer

Developer in eCommerce. Bachelor's in computer science. 2 years of working experience. Speaks Laravel, Java, Angular, React.JS, PostgreSQL.

Omar Compaore Junior Data Scientist

Developer in AI video analysis. Master's in computer science. Speaks Python, Jango, CSS, PostgreSQL, JSON, REST.

Jocelyn Toe Junior Data Scientist

Developer in AI video analysis. Master's in computer science. Speaks Python, Jango, CSS, PostgreSQL, JSON, REST, Laravel.

Joel Chi Frontend Developer

Developer for Sofii low code platform. Bachelor's in computer science. 7 years of working experience. Speaks ReactJS, TypeScript, AntDesign.

Petr Slajchtr Senior Software Architect Consultant

Consults with SW Architecture, CI/CD, and DevOps. Master’s in computer science. SW Lead at OpenBeam. Former software developer at Jumpshot, Avast. More than 10 years of experience in growing teams and leading projects in distributed companies.

Jan Palka Senior Software Consultant

Advises on SW Architecture for Backend. Master’s in economics. Former sales director, executive director, people director at IBM. More than 20 years of experience in building backend systems on PHP/Laravel, REST, GraphQL, Microservices.

Fabrice Yopa Software Consultant

Consults with Microservice Architecture. Bachelor’s in computer science. Co-founder at IS Dev Expert, SW Lead at Drive U Safe. Software developer at My Mobile Money. 7 years of experience building Java microservices.

Zoe Kulsariyeva Senior UX Designer Consultant

Consults with user experience design. Bachelor’s in psychology. UX Lead at Shopify, Senior UX designer at MSD, Avast, Wikidi, Genestack. 10 years of experience delivering UI/UX designs and managing projects.

Contact Us

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We will discuss your needs and how you can use our products and services to:

  • Build and deploy your business applications – really fast
  • Easily connect to your existing apps
  • Extend applications with your own code
  • Do it all with your existing skills and on your business case
  • Online via Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, or what you prefer

Company Headquater

  • DigIntu Tech Ltd.
    Prague Business Office, Hermanova 61, 170 00 Prague, Czech Republic
    E-mail: info@digintu.tech
    Website: digintu.tech
    EU VAT-ID CZ05233518
    Registered in Commercial Register with the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, folder 260406.

Mailing Address

  • DigIntu Tech Ltd.
    Rue Le-Corbusier 12 PMB,
    Genève, Switzerland 1208

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