real time detection of

Heart Rate

AI-driven tracking of


mathematical estimation of

Stress Level

More than 50% will be diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lifetime (WHO).

Our Virtual Meeting Platform empowers online therapy or coaching sessions with real-time biomarkers captured using your webcam and a browser only.

Body Signals Detection and Sharing

Online talking therapy, coaching, or counseling overlooks body language. Sessions are unstructured and don't immediately address issues like anxiety.

During video sessions, remote photoplethysmography rPPG is used to analyze subtle changes in face’s skin color.

Our platform provides an immersive mental health experience by adding a visible layer of body signals to usual virtual meetings.

  • – View and adapt to abrupt changes in your client’s heart rate
  • – Get a clearer picture of your client’s heart rate variability
  • – Enforce client’s control over the privacy of body signals
  • – Launch the service securely from your browser

Emotion and Stress detection and sharing

Online mentoring, coaching, counseling, and talk therapy is on the surge, but about 25 percent less effective than in-person meetings. There is a lack of response in crisis situations, and inappropriateness for direct treatment or serious illness.

Face expression recognition, emotional arousal detection, attention estimation are used to assess real-time mental state.

Our platform provides AI-driven immersive tools enhance virtual interactions beyond language, vision, and sound.

  • – Assess and react to your client’s real-time facial expression
  • – Evaluate your strategy based on client’s emotional arousal
  • – Detect attention drop to increase the effectiveness of your sessions
  • – All personal data is client-side processed, and immediately destroyed

Journaling for mental health

Post-session journaling helps both you and your client keeping track of feelings, thoughts, and overall lessons learned. Finding the most relevant content that you want across dozens of text files is where most therapies or coaching fail.

Speech to text and automatic video annotation is used to automatically organize your notes into a searchable catalogue.

Our platform automatically converts your sessions into text, and label your recorded videos, saving you long hours spent watching or tagging your paper notes.

  • – Obtain approval from clients to record virtual meetings
  • – Record video, audio, heart rate, and facial expressions
  • – Automatically extract speech, and annotate video using AI
  • – Record yourself during private post-session journaling
  • – Search for past insights to empower future sessions


Assess from your browser. No software needed.

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