SWIFT and European Central Banks’ ISO 20022 Go-live date is November 2022.

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Bank Statement Converter

Many financial instritutions are stopping providing bank account statements in PDF, CSV, or text formats to their customers.

Your operations will be disrupted because your business software does not support the new ISO 20022 format.

Our converters keep the connectivity without any change on your side required.

  • – Accept incoming bank account statements in the new XML CAMT.053 and CAMT.054
  • – Convert the XML files to the proprietary format supported by your business software
  • – Save imminent costs of migrating or upgrading your legacy software
  • – Access the solution securely online as SaaS, via API, or on-premise

Payment Initiation Converter

Banks are now expecting payment instructions with richer data, such as creditor name and invoice reference, e.g. for fraud prevention.

You will experience a high number of rejects because your bank complies with the new ISO 20022 format.

Our converters populate the message with the required additional data with no change to your business application.

  • – Convert payment messages from a proprietary format to PAIN.001 and PAIN.008
  • – Convert domestic and international payments via Swiss banks (DTA and EZAG formats)
  • – Include rich data in your payment instructions for easier reconciliation
  • – Receive status reports in PAIN.002 format and convert them to PDF
  • – Access the solution securely online as SaaS, via API, or on-premise

ERP and Accounting System Connectors

Many small and medium sized enterprises are not able to upgrade their business software to an ISO 20022 compatible version, because of time, budget, or technical debt.

You will experience business discontinuity because your ERP or accounting software cannot connect to any bank.

Our connectors buy you more time and space for keeping your business running even after ISO 20022 rollout.

  • – Export payment messages from your old ERP or accounting software
  • – Convert exported proprietary payments files to PAIN.001 and PAIN.008
  • – Include rich data in your PAIN.001 and PAIN.008 files for easier reconciliation
  • – Upload your PAIN.001 and PAIN.008 files via your eBanking
  • – Access the connector securely online as SaaS, via API, or on-premise

ISO 20022 API Solutions

Leading SaaS business solutions for accounting or enterprise resource planing now open their APIs for third-party integration of financial messaging.

Our service enables data exchange and transformation between APIs and financial institutions.

  • – Try our ISO 20022 connector to Xero API, accounting software used by millions
  • – Enrich your payment instructions with automatic extracts from your ERP software
  • – Seamlessly connect your accounting software with your bank
  • – Save hundreds of hours of manual work causing human errors

Customized ISO 20022 Solutions

More data handed off by business applications can now be included when communicating with financial institutions.

Our service for customized solutions and APIs enable you to create and deliver better experiences to your customers.

  • – Hire our developers to create tailored ISO 20022 solutions in a short time
  • – Get access to our software libraries for transforming legacy formats
  • – Consult with us how to add rich data to XML messages
  • – Host your solutions securely on our infrastructure


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