Online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco).

Use our web-based AI platform for powerful content discovery and engaging video experiences.

Text Detection and Extraction

Being able to find the exact moments in time based on a text appearing and disappearing in a video is a helpful tool that is second to none.

Optical Character Recognition detects and converts signs in video to editable text.

Our platform automates time-consuming tasks and reduces your workflow load with up to 80%.

  • – Automatically split your video based on start-end text markers appearing on screen
  • – Search text, such as car number plates, street names and brands in videos
  • – Detect when a text appears and disappears inside your footage
  • – Organize your video footage based on topics

Transcription and video captioning

Converting the audio content within a video into text, then synchronizing the transcribed text to the video allows more viewers to enjoy your content.

Automatic Speech Recognition extracts speech and Computer Vision displays it as video captions.

Our platform creates better audience inclusiveness and maximize your content monetization.

  • – Extract spoken language from videos automatically
  • – Find the exact time when something was said in a video footage
  • – Create .srt files and burn the subtitles directly into your video
  • – Detect the characteristics of the speaker and their sentiment in conversations

ContentRecommendation and Moderation

Finding the most relevant content that you want and removing inappropriate content from user-generated content accross petabytes of video data is a must-have.

Object, Face, Person, Logo, and Explicit Content Detection is used to annotate video with human-readable labels.

Our platform automatically label your videos, saving you long hours spent watching and tagging your content.

  • – Transform your raw video footage into searchable digital assets with a few clicks
  • – Find the desired moments using full-text and object search
  • – Detect objects and people in long video footage


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